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Every religion has a distinctive virtue, and the distinctive virtue of Islam is modesty.

A Perfect Muslim

A perfect Muslim is one from whose tongue and hands mankind is safe, and a true emigrant [muhajir] is one who flees from what God has forbidden.

The messenger of God said to me (Anas), Son, if you are able, keep your heart from morning till night and from night till morning free from malice towards anyone; then he said, Oh! My son, this is one of my laws, and he who loves my laws loves me.

That person is nearest to God, who pardons, when he has someone in his power, one who would have injured him.

All Muslims are as one person. If one complains of a pain in the head, the whole body complains; and if the eye complains, the whole body complains.

Assist your brother or sister Muslim, whether he be an oppressor or an oppressed. ‘But how shall we do it when someone is an oppressor?’ Muhammad said, ‘Assisting an oppressor is by forbidding and withholding that person from oppression.’